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PhotoReading is different from traditional reading and distinctly different from “speed reading.” It is more a way to “process” and “understand” information. It uses more of your mind, which allows you to go through information more easily and with superior understanding.

It has been claimed that we use less than 10% of our brain’s capabilities. With PhotoReading you can tap the rest of percentage. As a result the average person can “mentally photograph” any material at rates exceeding 25,000 words a minute. While you may view this as shocking, everyone experiences these speeds once they’ve taken a course with us at ReadFast.

At these speeds you are able to Photoreading a novel in a matter of minutes, not hours. Because this is way quicker than you can possibly even move your eyes across the page, you are not really reading. On the contrary, you are absorbing information directly into your brain, which leads to greater retaining power.

When you want to “understand” the information, when PhotoReading, you must “activate” the material through a series of steps. An expert can activate a book in twenty to thirty minutes! PhotoReading does not necessarily replace regular reading. There will always be documents or materials you choose to read in the regular fashion; a letter, newspaper article or a cookbook. A natural by-product, however, is that your regular reading speed can double, triple, or even quadruple..

PhotoReading merely looks like the way you learned as a kid than the way you learned at school. School focused our thoughts on a very narrow way of learning and completely cut us off from our natural capabilities to absorb information.

Keep in mind that PhotoReading directs information to the memory areas of your brain, where everything from your previous experiences is stored. Your new experiences continually become a part of the foundation of who you are as a person. As you direct more information into your brain, you provide more associations to create more success in your  we can change our life at readfast, 

The choice is flawless. When you guide information from numerous books into your mind on a topic, it gives more profoundness to your understanding. And, any topic from astrophysics to nursery, administration to development, computer programs to your kid’s homework, a mystical book or instruction manual, everything only adds to it all. And you can read more as it takes way less time than before. You just cannot get this power from regular reading or speed-reading, unless you are willing to put in the effort required.

For example, a company had all of its employees spend four to six minutes a day PhotoReading management books. Within 2 months, the company noticed an improvement in efficiency.

PhotoReading will give you an advantage, improve your confidence, make you feel way better about yourself, and help you in earning more money PhotoReading can change your life.